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At Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd, we have many years of experience in repairing, modifying or upgrading customer's equipment. Many of our customers come to us with equipment that are few decades old or have experienced premature failure. We analyse the design of the equipment against the operating conditions and suggest repairs accordingly to ensure longetivity of the equipment. An alternative to constantly having to shut down equipment and fixing it at site, sometimes it is more feasible to involve Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd in the anaylsis and repair process. We give you the option for us to visit your site or your equipment can be sent to us. Some of our repair works are as listed below but not limited to:

- Firetube repair
- Tank leak repair
- Pressure vessel leak repair
- Endplate repair
- Heat Exchanger repair
- Mistex and other vessel internal repair

Please do not hesitate to consult with us.