Relationship is our way to maintain and expand our business and this has always been our strong hold to success. This is achieved by our staff of highly trained and motivated employees who take share in the company's yearly profits. We realize good communication is important in tracking our equipment from start to finish.
Any customer concerns are dealt with immediately by our highest ranking employee from that particular department. We have an internal NCR tracking system where all concerns end up on the general manager's desk for his review and satisfaction. Quality packages are why our customers keep coming back.

On time and speedy delivery is important in this fast paced Oil & Gas market and we can satisfy this demand with our large inventory of raw materials, data base of drafting & registered standards, and highly skilled long term committed staff.

With over 30 years of serving the Gas & Oil Industry in Western Canada, Rushton Gas & Oil has earned a reputation for packaged equipment constructed to the highest level of quality standards and on time delivery.