Established in 1978


Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd. was established in 1978 as DACO Enterprises Ltd. as a partnership. The name was changed in 1984 when one of the partners retired. In 1991 the remaining owner sold his interest to the current owner who continues to operate the business today.

Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd.’s head office, fabrication facility and storage yard is located on 7.5 acres of land in the North East part of Edmonton. We have ongoing demand for 40-50 full time employees to staff our facility. The office staff accounts for 10-12 of these employees. To compliment the product line, we employ on a regular basis another 10-15 sub-contract personnel. During peak demands we source outside specialty shops to supply components to aid in delivery of our packaged equipment.
Starting with a small group in the late 70’s and growing to the size we are today was challenging. However, with the implementation of regular meetings in all departments and a commitment from both employees and management, the transformation was successfully completed.

Rushton has always had a policy to sub-contract all of it's Engineered drawings and design to outside 3rd party professionals. We have a very comprehensive selection process and annual reviews to ensure compliance is maintained with our selected, longterm sub-contractors.

Business over the last 30 years at Rushton has always been about relationships! We are still dealing with some of the very first clients. Yes, many have now moved on into their golden years but still drop by for coffee when in the area.

Our Customer:
Understanding our customers’ needs has been one of our strong points. Knowing what they need and what they expect is key to producing a quality product.

Parts Department:
Rushton Gas & Oil has a large inventory in stocked parts, so any of your spares can be accommodated, from Rushton’s equipment to that of any other equipment fabricator.

Parts Department