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Pressure Piping Fabrication

We have a wide range of spooling and pipe fabrication experience including process piping, category H fittings, heater coil bundles and jacketed pipes. 

Our facility is set up to fabricate spools up to 42” OD. In addition to providing pressure piping fabrication for our packages, our facility is able to handle piping spool fabrication for a full facility or plant at up to 2000 dia inch / day. We generate our spool drawings from our own piping layout designs. If you have a spooling / process piping fabrication requirement, then we can also utilise your iso drawings. We are capable of fabricating for process piping ASME B31.3, power piping ASME B31.1, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems CSA Z662 and Gas Fired Equipment Piping CSA B149.3. We can accomodate carbon steel and stainless steel piping fabrication. Our intricate knowledge in piping completion also extends to threaded and socket welded piping fabrication.