Rushton Gas & Oil's glycol dehydration package offers a speedy economical solution for removal of water vapour from your gas stream. Removal of the water prevents hydrate formation, corrosion and maximizes pipeline efficiency. These units range in size from 100,000 SCFD (2,831 m³/d) to over a 30,000,000 SCFD (849,505 m³/d).
Rushton Gas & Oil manufacturers a wide range of dehydration units, varying from 16" O.D. to 60" O.D. glycol contactor sizes. The major components for these packages, such as the contactor, reboiler and skid, have been previously fabricated for stock. After receipt of order, these components are taken from stock to use on a standard or a customer specific layout package. This allows for very quick deliveries.

Rushton Gas and Oil offers a complete range of stock and custom designed packages, including vertical, horizontal and spherical in a wide range of sizes for all operating conditions. Just like our dehydration components, we use our unique manufacturing process, and stock components to help speed up delivery for our clients. Problems such as sand, foaming, paraffin, dust and hydrates are easily removed down to the size of micron which the client requires using a wide variety of technologies such as knitted wire mesh, vane packs, centrifugal and coalescing filters. Our team will fabricate a package to meet your production requirements. Our stock separators range in size from 24" to 36" and come with or without 100 bbl -400 bbl storage tanks.

Rushton's high efficiency burners and heat transfer mediums are used in the manufacturing of heaters from 150,000 to 10 MM BTU/HR capacity.
Indirect Fired Heaters are available for the following heat transfer mediums:

  • water/glycol mixtures 
  • 100 percent glycol
  • heat transfer oils
  • salt bath

Heat exchange utilizing single or multipass removable coils for:

  • pressure reduction (choke) heaters
  • line heaters
  • vaporizers
  • process heaters for gas or liquids


  • Compressor & Accumulator Bottles
  • Multiple well testing satellite assemblies
  • Seperator/Blowcases (fluid boosters)
  • Metering skid units
  • Pump skid units
  • Refurbishing customer inventory
  • Spooling
  • Flare Knockout Drums
  • Pig Traps and Senders
  • Code and Non-Code Vessels
  • Custom Manufacturing

Rushton Gas & Oil has a wide range of pipe, valves, fittings, filter cartridges, and instrumentation available to supply your spare parts requirements. We will manufacture replacement components, such as firetubes and firetube gaskets, for your existing equipment.