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Mechanical Engineering

Our team of professional engineers have superior experience in mechanical design. We also have a good relationship with many Engineering firms and Engineering consultants for additional services. Some of the software we rely on and offer services with are, but not limited to:

- COMPRESS for Pressure Vessel Design
- AMEtank for tank design
- S-Frame for structural calculations 
- CAESAR II for pipe stress analysis

We can provide detailed calculations for nozzle loads, lift lugs, pile loading, burner and firetube sizing, dynamic and static loads.


Process Engineering

With decades of experience of fabricating processing equipment, we have developed astounding knowledge in process and instrumentation. With process safety in mind, every package is designed with utmost care. Further HAZOP analysis with our client is always recommended.

We can offer chemical process simulation and process guarantee with our packages if required. Our in-house tools offer quick engineering solutions such as PSV sizing, Line sizing, Control Valve sizing, Unit Operations Equipment Sizing and Instrumentation sizing.


Combustion Engineering

At Rushton Gas and Oil, we have years of experience in designing process heating equipment. With that comes our expertise in gas combustion to provide engineering and design solutions for fuel effeciency, production and process optimization to meet your emmisions standards.

We provide complete burner train customization as per B149.3 and burner management system set up and consulting. At Rushton Gas and Oil, we also fabricate, design and size firetubes, stacks utilizing both forced draft and natural draft burners. 



Design and Drafting

Our team of drafting technicians are equipped with the latest software packages to provide quick and easy design and drafting solutions. We prefer to facilitate customer participation through on line 3D model reviews.
The drafting software we use are:

- AutoCAD for 2D Drafting
- CADWorx for 3D Modelling