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Tanks & Pressure Vessels

At Rushton Gas and Oil Equipment Ltd, we can fabricate and manufacture pressure vessels and tanks without packaging for your replacement-in-kind requirements or new projects. We can do both carbon steel and stainless steel welding. 

Pressure Vessels

All pressure vessels come with CRN registration and U-Stamp, and are designed per latest revision of ASME BPVC Codes. If you have a replacement-in-kind requirement with an existing drawing, dimensions or process requirements, we can confirm wall thicknesses and nozzle loads as per the latest code. We utilise COMPRESS software to help with our pressure vessel design. We can fabricate pressure vessels up to 216” OD, 120’ S/S length and 400,000 lb weight. Our pressure vessel product line includes, but are not limited to:

- Contactor Dehydration Towers
- Flash Drums
- Coalescing and Filter Vessels
- Separators
- Heater Treaters
- Free Water Knock Out Drum
- Flare Knockout Drum
- Pipe-in-pipe heat exchangers
- Gas Storage Bullets / Feed Bullets and Cylinders, Propane Tanks
- Fuel Gas Scrubbers
- Odorizer
- De-Butanizers
- Compressor Suction and Discharge Dampers
- Blowcases
- Reactor Drums
- High Pressure Steam Vessels
- Columns
- Mixers
- Fractionators
- Heat Exchangers
- Condensate Stabilizers
- Anhydrous Ammonia (Stationary) Vessels
- Custom Pressure Vessels


At Rushton Gas and Oil Equipment Ltd, we fabricate custom tanks for storage of oil, water or other chemical liquids. The tanks can be non-labelled or to API 12F and API 650. We fabricate tanks up to 144” OD and 30’ long. Our tanks can be dressed with Temperature, Pressure or Level gauges, switches, Thief Hatches and Pressure Relief Valves.