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Process Line Heater, Reboiler, Heat Medium Packages

Rushton Gas and Oil Equipment Ltd can fabricate high efficiency burnertrains that are used in conjunction with heaters from 150,000 BTU/HR to 50 MM BTU/HR capacity. We have a wide range of experience in manufacturing heat medium heater, process line heater packages and reboiler skid packages.

Indirect Fired Heaters are available for the following heat transfer mediums:
• Water/glycol mixtures 
• 100 percent glycol
• Heat transfer oils
• Salt bath heaters
• Heat Medium Packages

Heat Exchange utilizing single or multipass removable coils for:
• Pressure reduction (choke) heaters
• Line heaters
• Vaporizers
• Process heaters for gas or liquids
• Direct line heater packages
• Hot oil heating plant equipment

We design and manufacture both natural draft and forced draft heaters.