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Condensate Stabilization Packages

Rushton Gas and Oil Equipment Ltd fabricates custom engineered and designed condensate stabilization packages. Hydrocarbon liquids originating from the treatment of natural gas or associated gas streams used to be considered a waste byproduct stream, and were consequently flared off. Rushton Gas and Oil Equipment Ltd believes in and promotes technologies that are good for the environment. Rushton Gas and Oil Equipment Ltd can turn this waste byproduct into a valuable product and ‘Condensate Stabilization’ is the technology to facilitate this process. By flashing the volatile light ends from raw liquids using controlled conditions, we are able to produce a more suitable and stable product for the market.

We package together the following:

- Stabilizer contactor
- Indirect heater, reboiler, or hot oil heater
- Feed or bottom heat exchanger
- Condensate heat exchanger
- Pneumatic or digital controls
- Burner Management System