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Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd natural gas dehydration packages offer a speedy economical solution for removal of water vapour from your gas stream. Removal of the water prevents hydrate formation, corrosion and maximizes pipeline efficiency. These units range in size from 100,000 SCFD (2,825 m³/d) to over a 100,000,000 SCFD (2,825,214 m³/d). Rushton Gas & Oil manufacturers a wide range of dehydration units, varying from 12" O.D. to 120" O.D. glycol contactor sizes. The major components for these packages, such as the contactor tower, reboiler and skid, have been previously fabricated for stock. We also have a standard line of pumps and instrumentation, which we can install to meet client’s delivery needs. After receipt of order, these components are taken from inventory to package on a standard or customer specific layout. This allows for very quick deliveries. We manufacture Calcium Chloride (Solid Pellet) Dehydration Equipment for clients to dehydrate smaller flow rates.