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Equipment Upgrading and Retrofitting

At Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd, we have many customers that come to us with their Oil and Gas equipment that is multiple decades old, or built by a different manufacturer. With time, many items stop working and controls and instrumentation need replacing or upgrading. There are also instances where a process system needs to be upgraded with bypass piping or add additional unit operation. Hence, it is highly recommended to have your older skid packaged equipment retrofitted at Rushton Gas & Oil Equipment Ltd by our certified and trained technicians. Our upgrading work has included the following, but are not limited to:

- Installing larger pressure vessels, pumps or piping to meet process requirements
- Conversion of pneumatic operating to electric
- Change energy driven pumps to electric driven
- Convert fuel gas instrument supply to instrument air
- Convert natural draft burners to forced draft
- Upgrade fuel gas trains to comply with new B149.3 standards