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Utility and Instrument Air and Gas Supply Skid Package

Rushton Gas & Oil Ltd can build bespoke utility or instrument air package-skid modules for the chemical and oil & gas industries to provide clean, dry compressed air for process and instrument air applications. These can be built to specification, built to fit within a dimensional envelope, and on budget. Packaged with compressors, these skid packages can be sized to supply compressed high pressure air or gas for all your specific requirements. Our packages can be equipped with air receiver, air dryer and air filtration – to enable the supply of instrument quality air to a facility. The completed air compressor package is usually installed in self-framed, heated enclosures. Custom air supply skid packages can also be built without heated enclosures, but if installed in locations subject to temperatures below -20ºF, then the piping and instrumentation would need to be rated for low temp applications.